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May 25, 2012

After several years of strategic hiring, the University of Ottawa now houses a very strong group of international affairs experts across its many departments and schools. Institutional reputations take time to build, but the university is already gaining global recognition as a centre for cutting-edge research, scholar-practitioner interaction, and public debate of international issues. CIPS’ mandate is to provide a focal point for this activity.

This was another exciting year of growth and innovation at CIPS. In October we launched a blog that now features over 130 posts by experts at uOttawa and beyond. In an era of proliferating online media, when it’s hard to know where to turn for reliable analysis, it’s significant that the CIPS Blog is written exclusively by academic experts and experienced policy practitioners.

Last week CIPS hosted a fascinating lecture by Dutch Foreign Minister Uri Rosenthal, the last of a series of 72 international affairs events that we organized or cospo...

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