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September 30, 2015

 CIPS Blog

A series of foreign ministry memos, leaked to the media in recent days, offer an unflattering assessment of Canada’s declining international influence and reputation. They are apparently draft “transition” documents, which the federal bureaucracy prepares before every election.

Some defenders of the Conservative government quickly took to social media and assailed the Department of Foreign Affairs, International Trade and Development (DFATD). The acting Comment Editor of the Toronto Sun, for example, tweeted:

Gutless? War? Think about those words. Goldstein seemed to be suggesting that both the content of the leaked documents, and the very fact that they were leaked, represented an attempt by the foreign ministry to damage the Conservative government.

But there is no evidence to back up this charge.

Yes, there have been tensions and a measure of mutual distrust between the Conservatives and DFATD over the years. In my experience, however, if there’s one attribute that char...

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