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  • Roland Paris

Evolution or Escalation? Canada’s Military Operation in Iraq

CIPS Blog In a new CIPS policy brief on Canada’s war in Iraq, Roland Paris addresses the following questions:

  • Is Canada engaged in ground combat?

  • Have we witnessed mission creep?

  • Why should Canada (and other Western countries) limit their participation in ground combat in Iraq?

  • Don’t Canadian trainers need to accompany Iraqi forces to the front lines in order to perform their ‘advise and assist’ role?

  • If there are no front lines in the Iraq war, does it make sense to talk about training Iraqi forces ‘away’ from the front lines?

  • Is Canada doing enough to support the training of Iraqi forces?

  • Should Canada renew its six-month mission in April?

  • Should Canada continue its air combat mission?

  • Beyond deploying combat forces, what else could Canada do to address the problem of violent extremism int he world?

Paris also addressed many of these questions in a debate on TVO’s The Agenda on Friday, January 23.

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