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  • Roland Paris

Alone in the World? Making Sense of Canada’s Disputes with Saudi Arabia and China

Roland Paris, "Alone in the world? Making sense of Canada’s disputes with Saudi Arabia and China," International Journal 74:1 (March 2019), pp. 151-161. Abstract: Canada has found itself in serious diplomatic disputes over the past year with Saudi Arabia and China. The Saudis took issue with the Canadian foreign minister’s call to release human rights activists from prison, whereas China was angry at Canada’s arrest of a senior Chinese executive on an extradition request from the United States. These incidents should not be viewed as isolated aberrations. Authoritarian regimes seem increasingly emboldened to lash out at countries that displease them, including allies of the United States. But Ottawa has succeeded in rallying considerable international support for its position in the China dispute, suggesting that while Canada may be exposed, it is not destined to be alone.

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