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Keeping the world's democracies inside the western tent is a challenge for the G7, experts say

....Canada has an important role to play in engaging with countries like India that have kept up relations and trade with Russia, despite the West's determination to punish Moscow for invading Ukraine, said Roland Paris, a professor of international affairs at the University of Ottawa.

"I think the [G7 leaders'] hope is that those major emerging countries will move toward greater isolation of Russia, or at the very least not support Russia," said Paris, who advised Trudeau on foreign policy early in the current government's tenure.

"I think that there's a simultaneous attempt here to both assert a strong position among the core G7 countries on Russia and China while also reaching out to countries like India and Brazil to try to keep them inside the tent ... to persuade them to the greatest degree possible to support these strategic goals."

Paris said the challenge for western leaders is to draw "large emerging countries of the global south into the discourse about Russia and China instead of excluding them.

"Because there is, in fact, a competition taking place right now, between Russia and China on one side and the non-geographic West on the other, to try to win over these [emerging economies]."


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